May ’17 Life Update

I seriously can’t believe that it’s May already! 2017 has so far been extremely stressful for me, not a good start to a new year. Although I am really grateful and lucky to have an amazing, supportive life partner that has helped me so much and makes me feel loved.

In just over a week I have my driver’s license test and it’s honestly freaking me out, how’s it possible to be so stressed out and nervous for a damn driving test. But I am because I know how badly I need to be on the road and get driving. So much pressure, it’s unbelievable. I’ve mentioned before that our work offices moved and hence the reason why I so badly need to get driving, taking an uber all the time is killing my finances and things aren’t going too well for me. So yeah, the pressure is on!

Besides that, I have been dealing a lot with my health as well – so far 2017 has been the sickest I’ve ever been – I have never been the healthiest person, but I have never gotten to a point where I am constantly off from work and at doctor’s offices. I am still on a course of iron injections that will hopefully boost my red blood cell count and iron. That has been my number one concern until I am actually on any medical aid I won’t be able to find the cause as to why my iron was that low, because of all the tests that need to be done.

Life has been so stressful, and it’s just so tough at times to stay focused and positive. Justin has been amazing through it all he has really been my rock, without him I honestly don’t know where I would be and hopefully, I don’t ever have to imagine. So yeah, my goal for May is to pass that freaking driving test, hopefully, all those hours of driving lessons will pay finally pay off  – lessons don’t come cheap.

Since I actually got ill in April, I have not focused at all on my weight loss – until I actually find the cause of me getting ill I have been putting the weight loose journey on hold, clearly my body needs the nutrients so losing weight has not been a concerned for me right now. Secretly it actually feels so good not to obsess about what I am eating – my weight has been at 60kg I did gain 3 kg’s while I was ill but I think I am at a better place with my weight. I definitely do want to tone and have a flatter tummy, but I am not going to push my body there quite yet.

2017 seems to be a turning point for me with so many things personally work, life… I hope everything works out the way I hope it to. I hope everyone else has been having a better luck at 2017 so far.