Current Everyday Makeup Essentials

I have been trying my best not to wear as much makeup, I’ve been sticking to a very minimal look that just includes mainly foundation, eyeshadow, pop of blush, eyeliner, and mascara. Sticking to this minimal look can be really tough, especially when you tempted to try out all your makeup at once. My skin has been acting up which is why I have been trying my utmost to stick to the bare essentials. Today I thought I would share my Current Everyday Makeup Essentials, not many changes daily, but these are currently what I am using.

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation

I bought this new LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation quite a few weeks back when they launched here in South Africa. I have been loving the illuminating look it leaves my skin and the coverage is just amazing. I have yet to share my full review on this products so won’t spoil it by mentioned too much.

Prime And Fine Professional Contouring Palette

I have been grabbing for this more and more recently, this duo is great, the bronzer doesn’t look muddy at all and is dark enough to actually show up on my skin. This has been a daily makeup product for me.

Wet ‘n Wild Mellow Wine Blush

This gorgeous blush from Wet ‘n Wild has just been added to my daily makeup routine, with the colder weather here I tend to go for a deeper blush – this is a deeper pink and it’s super pigmented.


Essence Me And My Umbrella Eyebrow Thickener

One of my most recent purchases, the Essence Me And My Umbrella Eyebrow Thickener has been a major time eliminator  – I don’t have much time to spend on my makeup in the morning, this has done a great job in filling in my eyebrows quickly.

Catrice Cosmetics The Precious Copper Collection Eyeshadow

How beautiful is this new Catrice Cosmetics The Precious Copper Eyeshadow Palette? I recently received this palette from Catrice and OMG!! It’s life! I don’t want to give away to much because yet again I still need to do a full review on it.

The Cushion Eyeliner

I have reviewed this in a recent post which you can read over here. I have expressed my feeling towards it, but still am trying to put it to use, because I just hate wastage.

Catrice Glam And Doll False Lashes Mascara

Catrice has some of the best budget friendly mascaras and this Catrice Glam And Doll False Lashes Mascara is one of those. They are super affordable and make my lashes long and give me the doll lashes look. A must for any mascara lover…

Colourpop Lumiere Matte Lippe Stix

For a nude lip look, the Colourpop Lumiere matte lippie stix is a great option! It’s nude, it’s matte what else do you really want in a lipstick. Oh and as mentioned in my recent Favourite Winter Colourpop Lippie Stix post which you can read here, the formula is gorgeous!

So there you have it, not much going on when it comes to makeup products I keep it very simple when it comes to work makeup look. What are your everyday makeup essentials?