Essence Cosmetics Brushes You Have To Try

When it comes to makeup brushes I have the tinest collection ever! I only have a few makeup brushes that I currently use – which I definitely want to change as my brushes are starting to give up on life and the handles are becoming loose.

Essence Cosmetics makeup brushes has had some rave reviews which was the reason I actually purchased these never mind the fact that Essence is dirt cheap which is always amazing to my forever broke wallet.

The Essence Cosmetics brushes comes in different colour depending on the type of brush for instance the eyeshadow (R33) blending brushes is purple whilst the blush brush (R59) I own is coral. They also have really cute detailing on them which I find looks really stunning on my vanity having them displayed in all different fun colours.

Now for quality – these brushes are actually damn good quality for the price you are paying. They blend really well and I have yet to find them shedding, I just hate it when I wash my makeup brushes and they shed everywhere. These don’t which makes me really happy. To be honest I don’t have a bad thing to say about the eyeshadow and blush brush I own, they are affordable, great quality and easy to wash. I will definitely be purchasing more of the Essence Cosmetics brushes to expand my collection.

Have you guys used any Essence makeup brushes before?