Essence Cosmetics Merry Berry Collection


With the holidays being just around the corner, brands are releasing their holiday collections! From what I have seen last year brace yourselves for many holiday collections and it can be quote overwhelming.

One brand I keep repurchasing is Essence Cosmetics, by now if you are a regular visitor to my blog you would know by now how much I love this brand, and is probably sick of me posting about them. In all seriousness Essence Cosmetics is such a great brand and they are really affordable, so whether you are a student or just on a low budget you will be able to afford products from Essence.

The latest Collection Essence released is the Merry Berry Collection which will on selves during this month and will only be available for a month until the end of December. The collection is a Christmas style with a new ‘trend edition” is has the most reds and violet shades that meet gold and copper shimmer.


Essence Merry Berry Lipsticks R44.50

The packaging is eye-catching they have a light shine while the red has a matt finish.

Available In

01 Let’s The Berry Tales Begin

02 Pink & Perfect

03 Red Rocks


Essence Merry Berry Eyeshadow R38.95

Perfect for bright eyes, these are highly pigmented , metallic shades with a soft texture.

Available In

01 The Perfect Dress

02 The Masked Ball


Essence Merry Berry Highlighter Powder R63.50

A light , powdery texture which comes in a star embossment. It gives complexion a subtle shimmer and glow.

Available Shades

01 I love My Golden Pumps


Essence Merry Berry Nail Polishes R38.95

Such gorgeous berry tones which are glossy and long lasting, the bottle is uniquing shaped with a gold cap. Also comes in a gold shimmery top coat

Available In

01 The Masked Ball

02 Purple With Purpose

03 Pink & Perfect

04 Red Rocks

01 I love Golden Pumps (Top Coat)


Merry Berry Hair Fragrance R67.50

This special hair fragrance covers the hair in a subtle layer of golden dust, it makes hair easier to comb and leaves hair feeling soft. These are great for those holiday parties.

Available In

01 I love My Golden Pumps


Essence Merry Berry Scented Gold Dust Powder R67.50

This is a body dust that helps conjure up a delicate scented gold shimmer for the face and neckline. The bottle has a balloon – atomiser pump which is rather eye catching .

Available In

01 I Love Golden Pumps

This collection should be available in Clicks and Dischem stores November till end December so hurry as this is a limited edition collection.


PS: All images are not my own and were found on google.