How To Add Profile Image In Blogger + WordPress

How To Add Profile Image To Blogger + WordPress

I’m back with another blog tutorial guys! This was something I took some time to figure out when I first started blogging and that’s to be able to add an image to your blog with some text under it in one widget instead of two different widgets… Today’s post is all about How To Add Profile Image In Blogger + WordPress.

It’s actually quite simple all you need is the correct code and a photo uploading platform like photo bucket which I always use to get the direct links to be able to add images in the side bar of my blog.



Go to Layout – About Me  – add this code <img alt=”About Me” src=”(image DIRECT URL” /><p>(Text)</p>



WordPress is not that much different ..

Dashboard – Appearance – Widget – Add Text – add this code <img src=”(image DIRECT URL)” /><br />(TEXT)

WordpressBelow is a screen shot of where to find the code to add once you have uploaded your photo to Photo Bucket.

Photobucket direct code

And viola this is how it comes out looking like.Profile imagejpg


I hope this little tutorial helps you guys, would love to hear from you.