{Review} Avon Ultra Glazewear Glossy Stick Pencil


Avon has been one brand I’ve been really impressed with lately,  especially when it comes to their matte lipsticks I just think that the formula is so good.  One of the products I’ve been trying out recently is their Ultra Glazewear Glossy Stick Pencil,  damn that really is a mouthful to say! I got the shade in crushed rose which is just this gorgeous rosey red shade.

Avon describes their Ultra Glazewear Glossy Stick Pencils to be a liner and gloss in one handy pencil,  that lasts for hours. We all know that product descriptions can be misleading at times so I prefer actually trying out a product myself and then judge how it does.  Their are quite a few other shades you choose from, nudes to deep reds these are great for all year round.  The formula is definitely high gloss,   if you are a fan of matte lipsticks then this won’t be the best option. In Summer though I prefer an easy to wear lip product something I can easily slam on.  The fact that it’s a pencil doesn’t really bother me what does however set me off is the fact that you are going to need to sharpen these! I absolutely hate sharpening products I would’ve enjoyed this product more if it had a roll up function making it so much easier.


Avon Ultra Glazewear Glossy Stick Swatched


The colour is so pretty though, making me have a love hate relationship with this lip product! This shade just reminds me of Summer, because it’s a glossy formula I felt from my swatch that it’s not as pigmented and when apply to my lips I found them to bleed a bit and also they don’t last long at all like Avon claimed. To be honest I didn’t really enjoy this lip pencil all too much those matte lipsticks from Avon is still my favourite.

Have you guys tried these Avon Glossy Lip Pencils? How did you find them?