{Review} Catrice Ombré Two Toned Lipstick

Catrice Ombré Two Toned Lipstick _01

A while back Catrice Cosmetics sent me some of their new products you can check out that post here, one of these products was their newly released Catrice Ombré Two Toned Lipstick. I have seen ombré lips trending all over social media, I was really intrigued by this lipstick and wanted to see is it will really come out two toned on my lips.

Catrice claims these lipsticks are:

  • Lipsticks with two colours each for an ombré finish
  • Soft, colour-intense texture
  • Contains argan oil

Catrice Ombré Two Toned Lipstick _02 Catrice Ombré Two Toned Lipstick _03

These Catrice ombré two toned lipsticks are creamy and soft, colour-intense texture with argan oil effortlessly brings the spectacular ombré trend to the lips. Two colours each, combined in a diamond shape, create a gorgeous finish with a colour gradient.

Beauty Tip: It’s important to prep the lips for a perfect ombré look. Applying a meticulous base underneath lipstick ensures particularly beautiful, smooth colour results. Once you apply the Ombré Two Tone Lipstick on the upper lip, remember to rotate it 180° to create a perfectly mirrored colour gradient on the lower lip.

Catrice Ombré Two Toned Lipstick _04

I received the shade in 050 Please Tell Rosy, odd name choice but it does deliver what the shade is all about one is a deep rose colour and the other is a paler pink, these two shades really compliment each other and work well as an ombré. The formula is creamy and smooth, just as promised , however the only problem I had was the fact that it didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked it to – the ombré effect is also really subtle, which to be honest I prefer I wouldn’t want to walk out of the house with some crazy ombré lips. This could also be because of the shade I tried out these two shades are really similar so it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

I honestly really enjoyed this lipstick, the packaging is black and simple, there are six shades in total that you can find in the Catrice Ombré Two Toned lipstick collection – they are all really pretty shades in my opinion. I would actually really want to try the ombré effect on all the other shades I think they could be really cool to add some drama to the lips if you do plan on going out.