{Review} LA Girl Orange Concealer

LA Girl Orange Concealer_01

LA Girl released some pretty awesome products in the last two weeks! I was shocked and excited so when I saw that LA Girl finally had the orange concealer in stock at Canal Walk (my store of choice).I obviously picked up one because I have been stalking the store until they got these in stock!

LA Girl Orange Concealer_02

I have been wanting to get my hands on orange concealer for awhile they are perfect for covering up those dark circles on medium to darker skinned girls who has more of a blue undertone. I have been battling with insane dark circles and normal colored concealer just hasn’t been able to neutralize it or help in any way. I have seen a few reviews on the orange concealer before purchasing it and I have used an LA girl concealer before which I love!! A tiny bit is all you need I put this on the dark marks I have and I use my favourite thick Catrice concealer which is quite lighter then my skin tone I apply this on top of the orange concealer and I find that this combo works like a bomb – my dark marks are less noticeable then without the orange concealer. I also can’t wait to get my hands on the green concealer I know LA girl stores in their US online store, green is known to correct red spots well, these will be great for my nose area and bumps that usually get red for me.

These retail for about R45 at Dischem I will definitely be stocking up on these!! Have you used orange concealer before?