{Review} Sorbet Hydrating Nail Polish Remover

{Review} Sorbet Hydrating Nail Polish Remover_01

I was in Clicks the other day, with no intention to purchase any nail polish remover, because I tend to always purchase the Dischem brand nail polish. I have never used any Sorbet products before , I know it’s shocking!

I then saw this nail polish remover and got intrigued mainly because of how huge the bottle is. Sorbet has different variants of their nail polish removers, but I bought the hydrating nail polish remover option – my nails tend to get really dry and brittle and I thought that this would help prevent that from happening. I like the fact that it came in such a huge bottle, which means I would be able to use it for quite some time. I was rather surprised when I saw that this nail polish remover came with a pump, it does make it so much easy to use then having to tip over the bottle to get product out. The pump makes things so convenient all I have to do is put my cotton pad and press on the pump.

{Review} Sorbet Hydrating Nail Polish Remover_02

The nail polish remover removes my nail polish easy, I tried it with dark nail polish and it came off so easy with no struggle at all. These retail for R39.99 if I am not mistaken and think  – this was really worth the buy. I would’ve never guessed how much of a difference the pump makes… My nails aren’t dry as some nail polishes

These Sorbet nail polish remover are acetone free and contains primrose oil to help enrich nails and help them looking healthy, the hydrating option also contains orange essential oils – and it smells amazing just like fresh oranges!

I am really happy with my buy and will definitely try out the other options Sorbet offers which are Nourish Nail Polish Remover and Harden Nail Polish Remover.