September Beauty Favourites


The closer we get to the end of the year the quicker the months are flying by,  or is it just me? September has come and gone and I’m left puzzled at where all the time went it feels like I’ve just been spending all my days at work dealing with an end of year rush with a never ending pile of work that just won’t end leaving me with little to know time spent on actually living and enjoying Spring.

This month I have really tried any new beauty products, but then again I keep seeing that but I’ve honestly been trying to use as much of old makeup as I can and not buying things I don’t need.


Essence Translucent Fix Powder

This stuff is awesome probably one of the best translucent powders,  I’ve been using this to set my concealer and it’s left my concealer actually holding up during the day without my face looking cakey. I would definitely recommend you guys try it out.


The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

New to my makeup collection thanks to Retailbox I’m so pleased I finally got the Mary Lou Manizer I’ve been drilling over it for months and wowza does it live up to the hype.  Probably best highlighter I own, and I must for the Summer.

september-beauty-favourites_04 september-beauty-favourites_05

LA Girl Beauty Brick Palette

An old beauty favourite of mine, I’ve gone back to using this baby as it’s easier to carry around with me because it has blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one pallete –  they all are super pigmented so should use with a light hand.


Yardley Lipstick

I’ve been obsessed with this orangey coral shade,  I’ve had this Yardley lipstick in my collection for ages and never got a chance to wear this colour I can definitely tell that this will be a favourite Summer lip colour for me.  They last really well during the day for a lipstick I’m rather impressed.