Swiitch Beauty Black Friday Haul

Swiitch Beauty Black Friday Haul _01

My Black Friday purchases are slowly but surely being delivered. I purchased an order with Swiitch Beauty and with Mr Price. So far my Mr Price order is taking more longer then I could imagine, due to issues with my order. At least my Swiitch Beauty order finally came and today I will be sharing my Swiitch Beauty Black Friday Haul.

Swiitch Beauty had some really great deals, I just couldn’t pass up on. I purchased the below items from their website, which I am beyond excited about. I have particularly been eyeing the Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm Palette for a long time. Ever since I purchased the Swiitch Beauty Slays for days palette which you can read here, if you perhaps missed it. The Glowgasm palette from Swiitch Beauty is a highlighter palette that consists of a variety of 6 different highlighting shades.

Swiitch Beauty Black Friday Haul _02 Swiitch Beauty Black Friday Haul _03

I also picked up their Brow Bae brush set, which are 3 brushes that are perfect for maintaining your eyebrows. The last thing I picked up on the Black Friday sale is a brand new addition and that’s Swiitch Beauty Flicks On Fleek eyeliner stamp, which looks so cool and I honestly can’t wait to try it myself. I have expressed with you guys so many times at how much I suck when it comes to creating flinged eyeliner.

I have been using my Slays for days palette so much and can definitely see myself purchasing another Swiitch Beauty eyeshadow palette in the future.

Swiitch Beauty Black Friday Haul Items

  • #BrowBae – 3PC eyebrow brush set
  • #GlowGasmPalette – 6 buttery smooth, ultra pigmented highlighters
  • FlicksOnFleek Eyeliner Stamp

All of these items came to under R500 with shipping fees! If you ask me that’s a pretty amazing, considering that the Glowgasm palette normally costs R450 by itself. Let me know what items you were able to get on Black Friday in the comment section below.