Weekend Wanderings

I hardly ever share my weekend wanderings with you guys, mainly because my weekends are pretty boring. Justin and I usually end up just going to the mall, watching a movie and staying at home. This past weekend we actually spent times with Justin’s mom’s ( and my new mom’s) which was really nice to catch up and spend time with some family for once.

The weather this weekend was amazing in Cape Town extremely hot which is odd seeing that we are supposed to be in Autumn. Cape Town reached a max of 30 degrees!


Friday night we usually just chill after work with our favourite junk food. This Friday just spent the evening at a colleague’s house and I was home watching a cheesy movie by myself with pizza and wine – pretty uneventful, but Fridays usually are.


I work up at 6:45 for my driving lesson, I only have 3 more lessons before I actually have my driving test on 17th May – words cannot describe how nervous I am about this test!! I then came home and Justin and I went for breakfast at this cosy little cake shop we always go to over the weekend. We then headed to the mall with our one mom and had lunch, because of the weather so so hot we decided not to stay at the mall too long. We then had dinner and that’s about it the and there’s the day over!!


Sunday’s are usually chilled, we go for breakfast or make breakfast at home and then drive around and have a pampered day catching up to our favourite series. At the moment we are rewatching HOUSE which I am obsessed about!! We met our other mom for lunch at Eden on the Bay, was really lovely weather was great, just really windy… The restaurant had live music – the atmosphere was really great!! We just walked around watching the wind surfers and having some ice cream. Justin and I then headed home – pampered ourselves and end up continuing to watch House.

This is probably the last good weather we will have until Autumn settles in Cape Town so I am glad we went out a bit. What did you guys get up to this weekend?