​ How To Survive Cape Town Heat

How To Survive The Heat In Cape Town

As many of you may or may not know I live in Cape Town which is a town in South Africa, at the moment we are experiencing Summer full force.

​It’s been insanely hot to the point where I actually got ill, this weather is unbearable for most but unfortunately life goes on and we still have to go to work if only I had an air con to follow me around all day! I thought I would share some tips in how to survive the Cape Town heat well technically Summer!
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1 – Stay Hydrated

​I have never been a fan of drinking water, but during Summer I find that I can easily consume more then 8 glasses a day, a carry around a water bottle especially when I am out in the sun this keeps me hydrated when I need it that most.
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2 – Sunscreen!

​This is a no brainer, always wear sunscreen… No one wants to end up with burnt skin or even skin cancer some day – so protect your skin and wear sunscreen when you are heading out in the sun.
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3 – Wear A Sun Hat

​I am very sensitive to the sun that’s probably why I know winter so much. I recently got myself a cute sun hat which really does help a lot with protecting face from the sun.
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4 – Keep Something Sweet Or Salty

​I suffer from a low blood pressure, being in the heat for me gets quite dangerous I have suffered from a heat stroke and collapsed because I didn’t have anything salty to eat before heading out. I know carry around some salty chips and as soon as I start to feel dizzy I eat them and I feel better. Also drinking a coke to spikes sugar level also helped me a lot when I started to feel sick.

5 – Carry A Water Spritzer

This is an odd one, but when I get extremely sweaty and hot a water spritzer does wonders in cooling down. Nothing like cold water being sprayed onto my skin to make me feel better.

These are just 5 tips that I have been implementing in my own life. Temperatures have been insane reaching around 35 °C in Cape Town alone and it seems like next week we will be encouraged another heat wave. Be safe guys and try to stay out of direct sun as much as you can or at least be protected when you are in the sun or laying in the beach.

If you have any tips that could help others survive the heat then please feel free to share them with me, very interested in what you guys to.