​Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Apps Every Blogger Should Have

​Who says being a blogger is easy? I for one had no idea how much attention and work running a website demands from me. It always looked so easy looking through top websites where bloggers have thousands of followers – I night not have thousands of followers but during the two years I’ve been running my own blog I have learnt a trick or two in helping me manage time and make things easier on myself.I will be sharing apps every blogger should have…
Most  of you ladies know how time consuming running your own blog is – from taking photos, writing content, editing photos, putting it all together in an article and then sharing it all on social media! Sjoe just mentioning those made me exhausted!  I have however found really useful apps that has made it so much easier for me and I also spend less time doing things the hard way… I have seen bloggers mention quite a number of apps that they have all shared so I thought I’d share the apps I tend to use and found helpful to me personally.
Vsco cam


An app I’ve mentioned before – Vscocam is definitely a favourite of mine I use it mainly with lots I have taken with my phone it makes it easier to add filters or to simply change aspects of the photo I want like the brightness, contrast or even to make shadows less visible.


The app is totally free but certain filters that you might want you will need to purchase the filter pack – I actually refuse to pay for apps and I find that the free filters work quite well.



Always wanted to share a shorter link for a post on social media? Well then Bitly is an amazing app that allows you to shorten your link and makes it easier to share them especially in Twitter where you are limited to a number of characters you use Bitly works extremely well and has definitely made my life easier.

google analytics

Google Analytics

Many of you are probably using the Google Analytics app already! It’s a great way to check our blog stats like the number of people is visiting your blog when you on a go or just to make it easier for you to follow your stats anyway without having to login to a computer.



This is probably my most recent find Trello is a great app for me to keep organized! I usually wrote down all my blog post ideas and make little lists of things that I need to do – it’s washer for me to track what I’ve done on certain posts and I can always tick what I’ve done on them so I know what I still need to complete much like a blog planner – I do find it easier with it being on my phone so I can update details from anywhere.


Well not an app at all but the notes application on phone is amazing! I tend to get blog post ideas when I am in bed and struggling to sleep all of a sudden my mind gets overwhelmed with all of the thoughts going through my head. I usually just take out my phone and start typing like crazy… Instead of having to wrote things on a notebook of my laptop I find it easy just typing down my blog content from my phone when the inspiration strucks me best.


Jet pack (WordPress social media plugin)

This plugin is unfortunately only for WordPress platform users for social media sharing this plugin has made things so easy!! When setting up my posts I can easily link my Google plus, twitter and Facebook and every time I publish a post it automatically shares it on social media so that I don’t have to! Easy when I have posts scheduled I don’t have time to post and share my newest post to all my social media that would take so much time! This has been a god send…

So there you have it my top  apps that every bigger should have those are all completely free too! Have you used any of these apps? There are so much more but I find that these work best for me.



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