​{Review} Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub

​{Review} Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub_01

Cracked and flaking lips isn’t anything new for me – my lips are literally flaking off every single day all year round. Which is very frustrating as all I want are soft lips that doesn’t look like old people lips! (No offense to old people)

​I went to Dischem like I do every month and came across the Beauty Treats lip scrubs as I was about to check out! Dischem always traps me with things to buy when I am about to pay not the first time it’s happened I think they make those aisles that long on purpose!! This time however I didn’t fall for the sweets and chocolates I actually laid my eyes on the lip scrubs – finally a lip scrub one I’ve been needing forever to help my lip flaking problem.
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Usually I tend to ignore Beauty Treats brand because let’s face it everything is so cheap and I don’t know the brand at all so I was uneasy with purchasing it but I have been fed up with my disgusting lips that I had to at least try it.It’s a sugar scrub with makes it great for exfoliating the lips. I find that they aren’t harsh on my lips at all they actually remove the dead skin really well. I choose the strawberry flavour but they do have others that you can choose as well – for only R29.99 these are a steal! I also noticed that they weren’t trying at all they actually contain petroleum and mineral oils which does leave the lips feeling nourished while you exfoliate.

This lip scrub has really been a god send! I have been using it every second day and it does leave the lips feeling really soft – no more feeling embarrassed when kissing my boyfriend Haha I said it!


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