​Finding the Perfect Homecoming Dress To Suit Your Skin


Have you ever made the mistake in choosing the completely wrong dress to suit your skin tone? Well I have !! So many times I have chosen the wrong colour to suit my skin and it always ends up being unflattering and making me look washed out.

So you found the perfect dress for homecoming , but now let’s get you choosing the perfect colour dress to give you the most flattering look and make you really stand out from the crowd.

Fair Skin Tone Dress

Fair Skin Tones

Women with fair skin tones usually have warmer undertones to make up for their fair skin. It’s advised to stay clear of solid blacks,whites – try and opt for Deep reds,navy ,also bolder fun shades like oranges and basically any earth tones will flatter you perfectly…

Meduim Skin Tone

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Medium Skin Tones

That’s me! Oranges and tans are the worst you could possibly wear – it makes me look completed washed out because of your undertones in your skin that tend to be orange and tan, these are warmer skin tones and do not look flattering  .. Rather go for bolder colours like magenta instead of mauve.. Whites also looks really good on olive and medium skin tones with a selection of homecoming dresses to choose from there are so many choices.

Dark Skin Tone

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Dark Skin Tones

Much like medium skin tones bold colours are your best friend! You have freedom of choice from pastels to bold shades like bold pinks are gorgeous on darker skin tones it really makes you pop. Don’t be scared of going for bold colours this will flatter your skin tone really well!! The bolder the better.

Have you found like post helpful? What other shades do you think suits our skin tone post? Thanks for reading loves…