20 Apps To Help You Run Your Blog More Efficiently

You guys know that I love finding new apps to not only is fun but makes my life a lot easier and organised. That goes for my blog as well… Today I will be sharing 20 Apps To Help You Run Your Blog More Efficiently.

I’m always looking for a better way to keep on top of my blog. A great way to do that is finding apps that allow you to be organised and also help create some stunning looking content.

20 Apps To Help You Run Your Blog More Efficiently


  1. Trello – Great for jotting down blog post ideas and keeping track on what needs to be done on them.
  2. Planoly – The on the app I cannot live without! Planoly is perfect for planning out your Instagram feed. You can also auto-post straight to your account which allows you to be consistent. You can also schedule your Pinterest Account.


  1. Lightroom – For creating a more cohesive look to your photos using Lightroom and Lightroom presets are the way to go. It’s taken my photos to another level and editing on the mobile app is so time-saving.
  2. aColorstory – Before there was Lightroom I used aColorstory for years! They have some pretty cool filter packs and effects.
  3. Airbrush – Ever had the perfect Instagram worthy photo and realised you had a big fat pimple staring at you the entire time. Well, I use Airbrush to remove any spots of pimples I would prefer not to show the interwebs… It’s similar to Facetune, so you can use its whitening tool and smoothening tool, they have so much more.
  4. StoriesEdit – Perfect for creating beautiful Instagram Stories! They have some stunning professional-looking templates and it’s so easy to use. Have been using it since they launched.
  5. Template – Kind of a new app, it’s co-creator is famous Youtuber Zoe Sugg, I really like the artistic templates they have. Most of them you have to pay for though.
  6. Filmm – Belonging to the same creators of Template Filmm is for video editing. You can add some pretty cool photos and edits to your videos which I love. 
  7. Vllo – I don’t always use my laptop to edit videos I prefer to do this straight on my phone. I use Vllo for this. It’s such a nifty app and has some great features.


  1. Over – I’ve spoken about this app so many times I’ve lost count. Over is one of the top apps when it comes to creating graphics for my blog or Instagram stories they have a wide selection of graphics that you can make use of and they recently just launched their web app.
  2. Canva – loved many… Canva is a straight forward app that allows you to also create some cool looking graphics. I have to say the limitations does get to me like the fonts mostly. Not a fan of there font selection, you also can’t add your own.
  3. Picmonkey – I decided last year to pay for the monthly Picmonkey subscription. This app is brilliant for creating blog graphics too I mainly use it for my Instagram story templates. They also have this book option to overlay textures which is the main reason I got a subscription.


  1. PayPal – We all know how vital PayPal is. Especially if you are working on campaigns from other countries this is how you get paid. I mainly use it for purchasing things on Etsy.


  1. Buffer – it’s all about scheduling! Buffer allows you to plan your Twitter posts and Facebook posts all within one app. 
  2. Etsy – Mainly use Etsy to find some custom content like Instagram story templates, blog graphic packs and blog templates. There are some talented people out there.
  3. Dropbox – Best app to transfer my files and photos between my devices. 
  4. Camera Connect for Canon – Must have to easily transfer my videos and photos from my canon camera straight to my phone.
  5. Grammarly – This app saves me but! I am not a good writer and basically, say what’s on my mind! Grammarly helps with keeping things more structured. 
  6. WordPress – To check up on my blog straight from my phone, you need the WordPress app if you have a WordPress website.
  7. Bloglovin – I don’t know if people still make use of Bloglovin but I find it to still be the best app to keep all my favourite blogs in one place.

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