3 Apps To Make Instagram Better

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I am always looking for new Instagram Apps. Especially when it comes to Instagram Stories I am always looking for apps to make my Instagram Stories more creative. Here are 3 Apps To Make Instagram Better and aesthetically your own.

Some of these apps I have mentioned a few times on Insta and the blog before. I have been so into Instagram lately and just finding my aesthetic.

3 Apps To Make Instagram Better
3 Apps To Make Instagram Better_storywell


An app I have not seen mentioned by anyone before. Storywell seems to be an app that is still basically in the testing phase. I have still yet to find any new templates. I still really love the templates they provide and I actually purchased two sets which I often use to great collages and mood boards.

3 Apps To Make Instagram Better_storyluxe


Storyluxe is rather similar to UNFOLD, so if you are looking for another app that offers toy great collages then Storyluxe is definitely worth looking into. I also like using the app to add video clips as you create to save it an Instagram story format or Instagram size. They have so many templates and is constantly updating new templates to their collection. 

3 Apps To Make Instagram Better_nichi


Nichi is also an app not too popular, but I really love the aesthetic of this app. You can easily move around images and is great for mood boards, you also have a few stickers to choose from which I really like.

There are so many more apps that I absolutely love, and I am thinking of doing a video on the apps I use and how you can go about creating beautiful Insta Stories with ease.

If you love posts like these, then please let me know. I have been obsessed with finding new apps and sharing them with you guys. What has been your favourite Instagram App lately? Let me know in the comments below.


Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples.

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