3 Must Have Instagram Stories Apps

3 Must Have Instagram Stories Apps -01

Instagram has totally taken over my life! I spend more time on Instagram than any other Social Media App! I am a very visual person so it makes sense that Instagram appeals to me the most. Instagram Stories is one of the best features that Instagram released. Today I thought I would share 3 Must Have Instagram Stories Apps, that will make your Instagram Stories look more creative.

I would label myself as a creative person at all! Which is why i need the help of Apps to make my Insta Stories more appealing.

You guys have probably already heard about these apps and use it yourselves. But, for those who haven’t these are the 3 main apps I used on Instagram Stories.


The best Instagram Stories App to ever be created – In my opinion of course… Unfold is an app that has many templates that you can easily add your photos too! There are a few templates that free and the app is free to download. However, Unfold does have extra templates that you can purchase. At the time of writing this post Unfold released 4 templates packages… All are different, I would highly recommend you download this app! I use it daily.

A Design Kit

A Design Kit will cost you, but it’s so worth it. They have so many fonts, stickers and paint tools to make anyone a creative pro! I have been using it for months and I honestly am OBSESSED with it. There’s just so much you can do!


Many have you guys have probably heard of the Canva website. I use it often and decided to download the app as well. Now you
can easily create beautifully curated templates that you can easily update and it’s totally FREE!

What are your favourite Instagram Stories Apps that you use? Share them below I am always on the hunt for new apps you play around with.


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