3 Must Have Blogging Resources

I’ve been blogging for more than five years, which honestly seems unreal. Of course, my blog is nowhere where I wanted to be. But, I have never been the type of person who got all caught up in numbers. My blog has always been an outlet for me. I don’t have friends and blogging has been my escape … Today I am sharing 3 Must Have Blogging Resources I swear by!

3 Must Have Blogging Resources


I am no writer! I type as I talk, which some people might frown upon! Grammarly has been my bestie for years. It helped me improved my grammar, it extremely useful and I use it every day. I even make use of it during my day job! It makes you sound way more professional, Grammarly does offer a paid option as well. But, I do make use of the free subscription.


I have used Picmonkey for years, but recently I decided to get a paid subscription, which honestly was one of the best decisions and investments I could make. I use it daily to create my artwork. Yes, you can use Canva for free, but I love the option that Picmonkey provides you and the overlays are my favourite,


Unsplash is my go-to website for finding royalty-free images! Now many of you might frown upon the use of stock images, I find it so useful to bring a professional quality to my blog. There are so many talented photographers out there, so if you can I would suggest making use of stock images not all the time of cause.

So there you have it guys! I tried to keep this post straight to the point. There are so many other resources worth mentioning like Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, OVER to create beautiful templates and social media posts straight from our phone.

If you have any go-to and trusted places to find your resources then please do list them below.


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