3 Ways For Glowing Skin

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Being someone that suffer’s from really dry skin. I always strive to have glowing skin. There are 3 Ways For Glowing Skin – which I personally follow.

I am all for glowing skin, it gives me the illusion of more healthier skin. Besides just investing in products that brightens my skin. Especially Retinol and products containing Vitamin C. I do opt for certain products to help me achieve glowing skin.

3 Ways For Glowing Skin
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Illuminating Foundation

Finding a great illuminating foundation. My favourite is the LA Girl HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation. This has basically been my go-to foundation for the last year. The foundation has an amazing medium to full coverage and it blends like a dream. At the moment, I haven’t been able to find a budget-friendly foundation as good as this on e from LA Girl Cosmetics. I have repurchased this foundation so many times and have spoken so much about it on the blog as well.

Illuminating Drops

I tend to use illuminating drops in my foundations that usually have a matte formula. I also use it on the light reflecting areas as well. My favourite has been The Body Shop Drops Of Glow and the Lancome Custom Highlighter Drops. Both of these products are perfect for blending with a foundation and using as is. I love how versatile these illuminating drops are, and I also love how blendable liquid products are.


Of course, what easier way then giving your skin a luminous look is using highlighters. I tend to use the LA Girl highlighter and the Swiitch Beauty Glowgasm palette which is extremely pigmented! There are so many amazing highlighters out there.

These are my 3 ways for glowing skin! These have been super helpful for me to have glowing skin all year round. What do you do to give your skin a luminous look? Let me know in the comments below.


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