5 Décor Items To Help Personalise Your Office Space

When it comes to my working area, I always add pieces that I love or that are sentimental to me. Whether it’s at work or my little blogging area at home. Personalising my area makes me feel happy and comfortable, it always helps for creativity to flow.

I love colourful and minimalist pieces these speak to me – recently I also upgraded my working area at home because I moved! Which was exciting because I wanted to update my area for a while. Justin bought me this stunning white desk which I have been eyeing for a while. Superbalist has a fabulous selection for décor items and Desks and Tables you should have a look through.

Duo Desk is a stunning desk I would prefer white option as it looks simplistic and they great for taking blog photos if you are a blogger like I am.

Urban Desk Lamp – This lamp speaks to me! It will look amazing on any working area with wood detailing, this will be a great option to go with.If you prefer colour I have been obsessed with rose gold so that would also compliment the area well.

Square Hanging Shelf – I always find myself needing more space to put things, these hanging shelves from Superbalist are a great option to add some colour to your space and to store things without things looking cluttered. If yellow is not your colour there are other colour options you can go with, I love the yellow it’s bold and bright!

Clothesline Photo Display – I really love having my personal photos displayed and a really great way to have them organised on your wall is with this photo display, it just looks cuter too! If you don’t want to add personal photos of your loved ones any photos of things you like will do.

Inge 3 Nested Piece Boxes – My area is over flowing with makeup I am not currently using so I do love having boxes to keep all extra makeup or fragrances that I am not using and this keeps them organised. These can be used in any area of the home to store things in a safe area.



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