5 Editing Apps You Need

5 Editing Apps You Need -1

I love finding new apps to try out. Especially when they make your life a lot easier like the apps I mentioned previously.  If you are looking for new apps then this post is for you. These are 5 Editing Apps You Need.

There are just so many apps out there whether you on Samsung App Store or the Apple App Store. For me personally, I love apps that make my life easier and that add value to my life.

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I do admit I do download the odd game or two. They seem to help me relax…

Google Photos | Not really revolutionary Candice! I find that the Google Photos app just helps me transfer my photos from my phone to my laptop so that I can insert them into my blog posts. I use to use Dropbox but it just didn’t work for me took so long to add photos. Google Photos works better and you can use it on an Android and iPhone.

UNUM – I have been using so many Instagram schedule photos, but I found that UNUM works best for me. It allows you to plan out your feed and also gives you analytics on what posts are popular. It even shows you what hashtags you used where popular. I would definitely recommend you check it out.

ColorStory | I downloaded ColorStory a while ago on my Samsung, which I now moved to an iPhone and I still love this app. ColorStory is a photo editing app that has really cool filters which you can buy and you can edit all your blog photos. I take all my blog photos from my phone, so I find it easier to edit them on my phone too. Colorstory also has a new feature where you can plan your Instagram grid the extact same as UNUM, but UNUM gives you analytics.

Airbrush | Another photo editing app I can’t live without. Airbrush is a lot like Facetune, but its free. This app I mainly use to whiten my images. I hate when white items turn out yellow looking, so I use Airbrush to make it look whiter. It has tons of other things like blur the background and smooth.

HypeType | Instastories has become so popular, to be honest, I actually haven’t even used Snapchat at all. To help you add cool text filters to your images you should definitely download this app, I am not sure if its available on Android though.

These are my 5 Editing Apps You Need, these are all blog related and helps me on a daily basis. What are your favourite apps?


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