5 Free Fonts For Branding

Having the right fonts can totally change your creatives. Whether you are creating blog creatives or pimping out custom Instagram Stories. I have a clear cut idea of what kind of fonts I love for when it comes to my brand. To make things easier I’m sharing 5 Free Fonts For Banding that you can use.

I love creating my own custom Instagram Stories. I find that it really makes a difference in creating your own personal brand.

I’m always on the hunt for fonts and found some great free options which I have been using lately. I do prefer fonts that are modern and elegant a good mix of script and serif fonts. You can also use these fonts together.

5 Free Fonts For Branding
Gilroy / Jaceline / Kiona / July it / Moon

Let me know if you guys would like me to share more fonts in the future? Hope you enjoy the one’s I’ve shared here.


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