5 Things I Hate About PMS

When it comes to that time of the month I absolutely dread it, if it was up to me I wish we didn’t have PMS at all – but it’s something every lady has to go through. It doesn’t mean that I have to like it…  Being a woman is a tough enough job as it as and having to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions, while dealing with cramps is not fun at all… Here are 5 things I hate about PMS!

I am on the pill which means my periods should be more control right? Well think again only thing birth control has done is make my cramps less intense, but I still go through so many emotions which is unreal.

1 – Bad cramps

2 – Extra sensitive

3 – More angry , I literally snap at everything – makes me feel sad for Justin don’t know how he handles it haha.

4 – Always hungry

5 – Messes , I don’t think I need to clarify much on this because it’s downright gross but controlling flow isn’t easy especially  if you normally do have a heavy flow and through the night well let’s just saying messes are bond to happen.

When I am on my period I would much rather not go anywhere, just lay in bed with tons of bad snacks and cuddle up watching my favourite series. It’s hard to concentrate with so many emotions that’s everywhere – I guess that’s PMS for you and we all just have to live without.


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