5 Minute Makeup Routine

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When it comes to doing my makeup I usually don’t have too much time to spend. Especially when I keep hitting snooze on that alarm and have to run out of the house. Here is my 5 Minute Makeup Routine that I follow when I am in a rush.

Usually when I am in a hurry and don’t have that much time to spend doing my makeup I opt for a minimal makeup look.

5 minute makeup products

For the products I tend to use as less as possibly – I find that doing a neutral eye, maybe doing a wing eyeliner and a bold lip is a great way to come across as more put together.

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Foundation or Concealer

Foundation or concealer is a must for me. Depending on where I go. If I only plan on going to run some errands, then I usually just cover up some problem areas instead of applying foundation on my entire face. I am currently using the Maybelline Fit Me.


I usually stick to one eyeshadow, a neutral shade just to cover up my eyelids. I tend to go for a brown which gives a slight smokey look with minimal effort. Maybelline The Nudes Palette is a great neutral palette to go for.


I have to use a bronzer, it adds shape and colour to my face, especially when using concealer or foundation. Maybelline Master Chrome Molten Bronze is super pigmented and one I use.


I have to soak in highlighter! Kidding, but I do love a good highlight to make me look awake. LA Girl Strobelite Strobbing Powder is one of my favourites.


When I am in a rush and I don’t have much time to spend on my eyes I go for a wing liner. Essence Cosmetics Super Precise Eyeliner is what I’m currently using.


I have to use mascara no matter what! I don’t really wear false lashes, so I do depend on a good mascara that gives me voluminous lashes. L’Oréal Paradise Extatic is one of my favourite mascaras.

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A bold lip makes all the difference. I will usually opt for a coral, red or pink lipstick. It gives the illusion that I spent more time on my makeup when I usually didn’t. Revlon Color burst Matte Balm in shade Striking Spectaculaire is a beautiful red and I am obsessed with matte lipsticks.

These are the products I have to use when creating a makeup look in 5 minutes. What are your products you have to use when you are in a rush?


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