5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget -1

I am always on the hunt for good quality prices that are affordable. After having a wedding and putting as much money as possible into our home. I unfortunately am not able to have a makeup budget; however I have purchased a few brushes and there are a few brands that are always my go to when it comes to affordable makeup brushes. Here are my 5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget, that can possibly help you guys when looking for new makeup brushes.

I was in desperate need of some more brushes as my older ones I purchased from eBay a few years ago was starting to break. Of course, where else would I go then Dischem! Any South African beauty bloggers paradise always seem to leave the store with things you don’t need.

The Brushes
5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget -2

Cala Rose Bliss Collection

It’s hard for me to just choose one in this collection, so I am counting this as one brush. The Cala Rose Bliss Collection which I actually reviewed a few months ago on the blog is absolutely stunning. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but these brushes are soft and work really well. This entire set was about R160, which is a steal!

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget -3

Swiitch Beauty Brow Bae

My eyebrows brow really fast, and I often reach for the Swiitch Beauty Brow Bae  to help tame my eyebrows, honestly, without it, I will be lost. I actually purchased this in a brow set that they had a while back.

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget -4

Real Techniques Setting Brush

I have had my Real Techniques  brushes for a really long time, years in fact. They were such a great investment, some better than others honestly the new sets are just insanely priced…. The Setting Brush is one of my favourites from the brand, I often use it to set my concealer under my eyes with powder.

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget -5

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

Ah, another brush from Real Techniques – the base shadow brush it just great for blending the crush. I love the shape and find that it works best for me. I often tend to reach for this brush more than other eyeshadow brushes.

5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget -6

Essence Cosmetics Eye Blender Brush

Talking about eyeshadow brushes, a really great option is from Essence Cosmetics. The eye blender brush was super cheap If I am not mistaken I paid R30 – R40 for this brush a few years ago and it’s still a favourite. I could definitely get more of these, they are a dream to work with and blends to well.

What are your budget-friendly makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below.



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