5 Small Changes To Adopt A Healthier You

One of my New Years resolutions for 2017 was to loose weight and to eat healthier – so many of you could probably relate,  this is one thing that everyone wants to do especially at a start of a new year it’s easier to get rid of old habits when you are making these small changes at a start of a new year.

Today I am going to share 5 small changes I have adopted to be a healthier me – at no means is this easy, but it has helped me with loosing weight to this day I have lost a total of 7kg which I am extremely proud of –  it takes so much discipline more than I ever imagined and it really makes me appreciate the “cheat meals” I reward myself with.

Drink More Water – A no brainer, water is good for you there’s no doubt about it. Water is beneficial in helping your skin do its job by regulating your body’s temperature through sweating. Water is also essential to circulate nutrients in the body. Water intake for males which is higher than before and that’s 3.7 litres and for females its 2.7 litres.

Get Enough Sleep – It’s recommended that we as adults get 7 to 9 hours sleep a day. Sleep plays a crucial part in our physical health it helps heal and repair heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency can be linked to an increased risk in heart and kidney disease.

Cut Out Less Carbs And Sugar – Something that has been life changing in helping me loose weight has been being more conscious about what I eat and that’s sadly cutting out more carbs and sugar which I have never noticed before but I just ate too much of it which stored as fat.

Add More Fruit And Vegetable To Your Diet – Eating cleaner has been amazing,  I feel better after a meal and not sluggish after a fatty, bad meal. I have added more fruits and veg to my diet which has allowed me to absorb all the necessary vitamins my body needs.

Vitamins – Taking the correct vitamins can do wonders for your health…. Eating processed foods does mean that we do not get the nutrients our body needs. Supplements helps maintain a healthier immune system and a way that the body can get the vitamins it needs.


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