​5 Time Saving Beauty Hacks


We all want to look beautiful everyday with no fail, but the cost of looking gorgeous and we’ll groomed everyday usually results in waking up super early and prepping makeup and clothes to make sure you are ready for the day and in style of course.

I don’t know about you ladies but I prefer to sleep in and this usually results in me running around like a headless chicken trying to make my makeup look half decent for work. Modern day women just don’t have the time to be spending so much time on their appearance to be honest neither do I! I’ve piled up my top 5 time saving beauty hacks that could save you on time doing other things that are more important like being in time for work! That’s mainly directed at me!

Natural Looking Glow

I saw this really cool tip where you can add some highlighter to your foundation to create that gorgeous fresh faced glow. Or just use a highlighter in general I find that it really makes a huge difference to my face and makes kook more awake.
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Substitute Baby Oil For Shaving Cream

I have mentioned this in a previous beauty hack, but I definitely think this is one great hack that deserves to be repeated I love using baby oil when using a razor on my legs I find that it works way better then just a normal Shaving cream and it leaves your legs with an awesome glow I say that’s killing two birds with one stone.
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Matte Lipstick Finish

Another great one I’ve mentioned before is dabbing see powder over our lips once you’ve applied your lipstick, this actually allows your lipstick to stay on longer and gives it a Matte finish.
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Making Your Mascara Last

Don’t you just hate it when you literally on your last hood mascara and it starts to dry up?? Well try putting your closed mascara in a cup filled with hot water, this will loosen the ink and make your mascara work like a bomb again and no one clumping!
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Use Hair Straightener As An Iron

I often find myself looking for a really long time for something decent to wear and find that there are some creases in shirt I really want to wear. Try using your hair straightener to lightening iron out the creases this will save you so much time rather then getting an iron and waiting for that to heat up.


I hope you ladies enjoyed these hacks, have you tried any of these before? I would love to know and share see of your beauty hacks with me I’m always looking for better ways to save my time in the morning.

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