5 Ways To Survive The First Year Of Marriage

On the 23rd of September, my husband and I celebrated our first year of marriage! I can’t believe that we have been married for a year already. Honestly, the time has flown by… I thought it would be fun to share 5 Ways To Survive The First Year Of Marriage from my personal experience.

I’ve listed a few things to keep in mind surviving your first year of marriage and no I am no expert I am purely sharing my experiences. Every relationship is different and we all have our quirks about them. The first year of marriage can be tough.

Once the honeymoon stage as worn off and you get back into reality finding your place without a married couple can be tough at first. Getting married also means that many couples are living together for the first time, this can be scary at first. How will he handle my farts and bad breath in the morning, how will he deal with my PMS? These are all things that go through my mind. And yes, we fart, we are all human here…

5 Ways To Survive The First Year Of Marriage

1.Be On the same page with your spouse

There are going to be arguments like with all couples. When you love someone so much and all you want is the best for them. Sometimes showing that can be tricky at first, perhaps he will take it the wrong way. So make sure you discuss with your partner to make sure you both on the same page. Whether it’s being that chocolate bar that you don’t need but want or something a bit more serious like adding a pet to the family.

2. Compromise! Relationships are all about compromise.

There are things that I love and what my husband likes. Yes, there are things we like to do together. We have different personalities and are from different backgrounds, so its only normal that we enjoy different things. Compromising is the best way everyone gets to be happy. So maybe let him watch that horror this time so that he will have to watch Titanic with you.

3. The first year is a transition period.

This is so true, you coming from that honeymoon phase and spending every day together. The first year is a great time for you to get to know your partner to see what pisses them off and what makes them happy. This is a great foundation for your marriage and you get to talk through it and hear how you feel about things. The first year is basically when you not dating anymore, but you kind of still feel like you are transiting and settling down.

4. Avoid the blame game

Ah, we all have those moments when you know you didn’t throw that towel on the floor. Avoid playing the blame game. I fell for this so many times and honestly, it just causes more havoc than anything else. Rather have a sit-down and talk about it calmly.


Oh, you have heard this a thousand times and its the core of any relationship. Talk to your partner, if something bothers you like him leaving the toilet seat up and pissing all over then talk to him about him. Men most of the time don’t know when they are doing something wrong you dislike so talk to them calming about what upsets you and communicate. Its all about how you handle the conversation, yes we all let our emotions control the conversation sometimes. Talking about it calmly helps make for a stronger relationship.

There are so many things that the first year of marriage has taught me. These are the key top 5 that come to mind. Most importantly show your partner how much you love them, the little things do count. You married each other for a reason so don’t stop showing them how much they mean to you. Being married to your life partner is a blessing,

I am thankful, each and every day that I have someone who loves me so much. I am excited about our future together. If you are on the fence about getting married don’t let it scare you, yes it’s sad that 50% of marriages just don’t make it and who knows why. But having that commitment and communication is just so special. Make the decision on how you both feel, marriage can be scary, letting that one person completely in can make you feel vulnerable. It’s also the best thing in the world. I have someone who always has my back, that bond and love we share is so worth it all.


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