6 Months Later With Samsung s7


It’s been about 6 months now since I’ve purchased my Samsung s7,  which I got in March this year when I upgraded my cell phone contract.  Coming from an IPhone 5s which I absolutely hated it really has been an upgrade for me being that the iphone I had was much smaller then the Samsung s7 and I really wanted something different this time around.

There has always been this faud with it iPhone and Samsung lovers, I had both before and I decided with my upgrade this year to go back to Android a different operating system then the boring IPhone which I got really bored of. Its been 6 months since I first got my phone and I have to say everything runs as smoothly as the day I got it. Usually phones tend to lag after you have used it for awhile,  but I have been really impressed with how well my s7 has coped with constant use and not once has it lagged. The camera is absolutely stunning I have been taking all of my blog photos using my phone which has left me with a Canon Bridge camera collecting dust! I don’t use it anymore cause my camera on my phone is actually better, I also like the variety of apps which I’ve mentioned to you guys before photo editing apps to tweak my photos with.


I would definitely recommend the Samsung s7 if any of you are looking for a good phone it just ticks all the boxes for me good size, camera, battery life, quick charge….  These are just to name a few.  My phone can easily charge from 0 to 100 in over an hour it also has this nifty always on display with shows me the time without me having to put on my way home, and yes it has finger print lock so no one can enter your phone without the knowing your password or have their finger print added.  So I am one happy lady in the phone department! It is my life so I won’t something reliable and something I can customise as much as I want like the cute themes Samsung has where as my iPhone was so boring I couldn’t change anything besides the stupid wallpapers! Ok enough of my talking about how much I love my phone, it comes down to personal preference.


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