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I know that this might come as a shock for many of you, but Beauty Candy Loves is no more. I have been wanting to start fresh with a new blog name for ages and I finally took the plunge and did it. Welcome to A New Start Natalya Amour.

I have had my baby Beauty Candy Loves for about 4 years now. I have been aching for a new home, a new identity, a new domain to call home. I honestly fell out of love with the name and wanted something different, to create more of a brand for myself. I have also grown since I started Beauty Candy Loves, it was just time to move on.

Why Natalya Amour?

Ah, just the sound of it sounds exotic! Beauty Candy Loves was just too long to say and to type. People are like what’s your blogs name and I am like Beauty Candy Loves, it just doesn’t sound as cool as it use to. I wanted something catchy that roles off the tongue. My second name is Natalya and I honestly wish I could replace it with my first name. I have always favoured it more and wanted to start a brand with it because it just sounds cool. I wish I had an amazing story to tell you guys but I don’t. I really liked the name so I went with it… Oh, and who doesn’t love French languages. Fun fact I went to French lessons for about 6 months and well I am not as good at learning new languages as I hoped.

What can you expect from Natalya Amour?

Natalya Amour will still feature makeup reviews, lifestyle posts, and beauty related posts. I love beauty and makeup and have not fallen out of love with it. Basically more of the same content, I am passionate about it.


I still have a lot of updates to do on this new home, you guys will still be able to read through all my Beauty Candy Loves content.

So please be patient as I find my feet, I am still trying to sort out a few things and trying to make sure I don’t lose anyone who subscribed to my previous blog. I am excited to venture this chapter of my blog with you all. Thank you for all the love and support I hope it continues.


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