A Typical Lazy Girl Weekend Routine

A Typical Lazy Girl Weekend Routine -1

I’ve always liked to consider myself as the ultimate lazy girl! Let’s face it the older you get the happier you are just being home, catching up on your favourite shows and spending time with people closest to you. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys A Typical Lazy Girl Weekend Routine I spent most of my weekends doing or lack of things I do.

Gone are the days of clubbing and getting so drunk you can’t remember what happened.

I’m reaching my 30’s and fast… The things that I enjoy doing now are completely different to what I enjoyed in my teenage years. Not only am I now married, but a outgrew many things and people.

My Typical Lazy Weekend consists of doing as less as possible! If I had it my way I would lay in bed, eat bad food and not having any commitments.

Catching Up On Shows

Weekends are the only times I get to unwind! What better way to do this by catching up on all my tv series! At the moment the hubby and I are rewatching you guessed it Harry Potter once again. I have also been super into Jane The Virgin, which makes me sad because I am almost done watching it.

Pamper Evenings

Another way to completely unwind is having a pamper evening. I usually do this on Saturday, if we are not seeing any friends. A day slap on a face mask, wash and blow dry my hair and do my nails!


My number one goals for the year is to get back into reading. It’s been years since I picked up a book and just read. My husband bought us the Harry Potter book set with all six books. Yes! We are that obsessed!! I have been reading that. There’s just something about cuddling in bed or laying on the couch and just reading a good book you can completely just lost in.

Weekly Grocer Shopping

Something we can’t avoid! Purchasing all the meals for the week ahead. We typically don’t do any shopping during the week and plan our plans for the week ahead, that way we get everything we need and not have any waste.

So that’s basically what most of my weekends consist of. Some weekends we will have friends over, for most of the time we are home in our happy space!

What does your lazy girl weekend mainly consist of?


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