Being An Adult Sucks

styledstockphotography-15-810x540Now that I’m 26 I have released that being an adult sucks! Life it’s just plain hard and having to take care of yourself especially financially is really tough.

Thinking back to when I was a kid,  oh how I miss those care free days. The days I didn’t have to stress about paying bills, doing laundry, getting to work, and paying more bills! Things were easier back then, makes me realise what a brat I was complaining to my mom when doing chores and having to go to school. Right now that’s sounds so much appealing to me then having a job and praying everyday that I won’t get fired because how else am I going to live and pay all those bills that’s piling up month after month.

Hey who said being an adult was easy, having to take care of yourself is not as easy as I had pictured it in high school. Weird thing is I have not had any children yet of I thought things were bad now it’s only going to get a thousand times harder when I have a house and kids to take card of. Whilst being an adult does such,  it also teaches you so many things, that you are much stronger then you think. I could never have imagined myself being able to take care of myself with no help from family I might add especially not from my mom who always made sure I had a meal to eat and did my laundry.  Simple things you now regret, if only I was a bit more easier on her…  And while so many things such about getting older you also do realise the simple things like being able to share your life with people who actually care about you, prioritise change so much and you really do appreciate everything you have worked so hard for. Maybe being an adult isn’t all bad,  still doesn’t make it any easier.


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