Another Birthday Wishlist

Another Birthday Wishlist -1

Oh, how I have been blessed with another birthday. 28 has been a good year for me and I am hoping to turn 29 will be just as great. So with that being said here is Another Birthday Wishlist I can only dream of receiving any of these things.

I have never been a materialistic person, but who doesn’t love receiving birthday presents. No matter how big or small, the thought does count! 2019 will be the last year I get to spend in my 20’s the big 30 is coming fast and I am not scared of it.

Well, of course I think about preparing for human babies and thinking if I am really ready to bring human babies into this world. I also am ready to wait until I am emotionally and financially taking care of a tiny human. Everyone is different and I want to be completely ready when hubby and I take the next step. I would say in an ideal world I would like to wait for about 3 to 5 years before that happens. Well going completely off topic here.

I have had a few things on my wish list one of them a new Macbook, which I have been wanting as mine is a 2011 model which still works great. But, I can feel is getting quite slow… It still does everything I need it to which isn’t all too bad… Would still be nice to have a laptop that’s just a bit faster!

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