At Home Pedicure Essentials

Because I don’t drive I spend most of my time on my feet. This does cause me to have aching feet most of the time. Here are my At Home Pedicure Essentials to help my aching feet.

I have a few products from Oh So Heavenly which I use together with my at home foot spa to help make my feet feel soft. With Summer in full swing, I want to wear my sandals all the time… I do feel conscious about my feet most of the time especially hard soles I’ve developed from walking.

The Oh So Heavenly products are super affordable so are great to purchase when you are on a tight budget like myself.

The Products I use in Oh So Heavenly Foot Spa Range;

Oh So Heavenly Sole Retreat 3 in 1 Spa Pedicure

Oh So Heavenly Sole Retreat Indulgent Foot Soak

Oh So Heavenly Foot Spa Sole Therapy Intensive Foot Butter

These three products work really great together to help my feet become soft and smooth. The 3 in 1 Spa Pedicure works as a deep cleanser, exfoliator and hydrating mask. It also contains coconut oil. The Foot Soak, you can simply add around 2 tablespoon to your foot spa water, this also contains coconut extract. The foot butter is great as a foot cream and smells so good.

I have been loving these products together, they have made my feet so smooth… You can find these products exclusively from at Clicks stores and online.

What are you At Home Pedicure Essentials? Would love your recommendations as well.


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