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Using Lightroom Mobile Presets

Using Lightroom Mobile Presets are a great way to add personalised filters on your photos. It’s also the perfect way to have a Cohesive Theme to your Instagram. Today’s post will be focused on using Lightroom Mobile Presets and sharing…


Nikel Cosmetics Skincare

Over the last few months, I have been seeing the brand Nikel Cosmetics pop up so many times on my feed. Other South African Beauty Bloggers has been raving about the quality and results given by Nikel Cosmetics Skincare products.…


The Checkered Jumpsuit

With the change of season, I had to change up my wardrobe as well. A new addition to my wardrobe which is The Checkered Jumpsuit which I purchased from Mr Price. I have been really obsessed with jumpsuits lately and…


L’Oréal Magic Retouch

Sadly, going grey early has plagued me since my early 20’s. It seems to be hereditary as certain members of my family has also dealt with going grey young. L’Oréal Magic Retouch to the rescue! Because I do use box…


Red Eyeshadow Makeup Look

I have been obsessed with coral and red eyeshadows lately. I hardly ever step out of my comfort zone and always find myself sticking to trusty neutrals. Lately, I have been wanting to try some bolder eye looks! I’ve created…


Favourite Bronzers For Medium Skintone

I am definitely a bronzer kind of girl, I choose bronzer any day over using blushes. I have a few favourites that I am totally obsessed with. Here are my Favourite Bronzers For Medium Skintone. For me bronzers can totally…


Primer Collection

I don’t wear primers too often but when I do I want a primer that can increase the longevity of my makeup, especially when I know I have a long day. I don’t own too many primers but here is…


Autumn Scents

When it comes to changing up my fragrances I tend to do this twice a year. Spring and Summer I will usually go for a floral, sweet scent. Autumn and Winter I tend to go for a musky scent to…


Favourite Autumn Dress

Autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons! There’s nothing more beautiful then leave changing colour and the Autumn leaves falling. Today I thought I would share my Favourite Autumn Dress that I’m literally obsessed about. Favourite Autumn Dress A…


Brazilian Hair Care

For the last few weeks, I’ve been testing the Brazilian Hair Care range that was sent to me by Freebees Marketing. I have been really invested in getting my hair looking and feeling healthy. Brazilian is a South African hair…


6 Instagram Story Apps Every Blogger Needs

I have shared a few of my favourite Instagram Story apps on the blog before. Since then I have found so many new apps that I wanted to share with you all. Here are 6 Instagram Story Apps Every Blogger…


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