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5 Minute Makeup Routine

When it comes to doing my makeup I usually don’t have too much time to spend. Especially when I keep hitting snooze on that alarm and have to run out of the house. Here is my 5 Minute Makeup Routine…


Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Scrub

As you guys are well aware, I have been suffering from severe eczema all my life. I touched on my struggles on a previous blog post and it’s something I will continue to struggle with all my life. Luckily there…


How I Prolong My Hair Wash Days

When it comes to my hair wash days I try to prolong it as much as I can. I have experienced that the longest I can go without washing my hair seems to be one whole week! How I Prolong…


Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash

When it comes to body care Dove is always a great choice, not only are their products affordable – they are nourishing too. With Winter well on its way, it’s time to opt for a nourishing body wash as well.…


3 Favourite Bold Lipsticks

I rarely wear bold lipsticks, but when I do there are a few go-to shades that I always reach for. Today’s post I will be sharing 3 Favourite Bold Lipsticks that are currently in my collection. There are 3 lipstick…


Revolution Beauty Soph x Palette

When Makeup Revolution launched in South Africa. The Revolution Beauty Soph x Palette was the one palette that was always out of stock for the first few months. My amazing husband actually purchased the Revolution Beauty Soph x Palette for…


Orange Curated Beauty Round Up

I thought I’d start something different and round up all my favourite beauty products according to packaged colouring. Today’s post is an Orange Curated Beauty Round Up. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while and round…


Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Brightening Hydragel Cream

If you a regular on Natalya Amour then you guys would know how 2018 has been the year I have invested more into quality skincare products. I will be continuing this for 2019. With that being said, Elizabeth Arden has…


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