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5 Must Have Makeup Brushes On A Budget

I am always on the hunt for good quality prices that are affordable. After having a wedding and putting as much money as possible into our home. I unfortunately am not able to have a makeup budget; however I have…


3 Mixa Products To Help Prepare My Skin For Winter

I’ve been using Mixa skincare products religiously since the brand launched in South Africa in 2018. In today’s post, I will be sharing 3 Mixa Products To Help Prepare My Skin For Winter as we are moving into Autumn. I’ve…


Five Lipsticks I Can’t Wait To Wear This Winter

Oh, Winter, how I miss you, dear friend. I get to snuggle up, watch series and movies in my onesie and get to eat all the soup I’ve been craving all year round. One thing I also can’t wait for…


Mavala Heritage Collection

Mavala released another brand new nail polish collection that’s inspired by the beautiful Autumn season. The Mavala Heritage Collection will be available in stores from May and will sport some stunning Autumn tones to help your nails get ready for…


Elizabeth Arden & Reese Witherspoon Announce 2019 ‘March On’ For Women Campaign

Elizabeth Arden & Reese Witherspoon Announce 2019 ‘March On’ For Women Campaign. Reese is an iconic Beauty Brand and Actress/Activist Advance Philanthropic Campaign Supporting UN Women. Following the tradition that Elizabeth Arden and Reese started last year. This power team…


Living With Eczema

It’s been 28 years of living with Eczema, my struggle with this skin disease has been brutal. It’s a Saturday night while I am writing this post and I finally have the courage to tell my story. I have always…


Summer Skincare Saviours Part 2

This Summer I’ve used quite a few skincare products to help save my skin from the harsh Summer. I shared my Summer Skincare Saviours Part 1 a few weeks ago, here are my Summer Skincare Saviours Part 2 which shares…


Avon Care Restoring Moisture Coconut

I’ve had the new Avon Care Restoring Moisture Coconut Hair range for a while. My husband and I have been using making good use out of these products and I thought I would share my opinions on the products Avon…


3 Favourite Hair Masks

There’s no better way to start off a pampering weekend than using a hair mask. I find that hair masks do wonders to add back some moisture into my hair.  This post has 3 Favourite Hair Masks that I am…


National Fresh Breath Month With Sunstar Gum

Did you know that February is National Fresh Breath Month? Sunstar Gum sent me some of their products to share awareness of Fresh Breath Month for the Fresh Breath Power Campaign. The Sunstar Gum oral care tools are created to…


Favourite Brow Products

When it comes to having a brow routine, I like to keep things simple. I simply don’t have the time to spend too much time doing my makeup, so I always opt for a more natural brow look. Today I…


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