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How I Plan My Instagram Feed

Blogging takes lots of work, whether I am writing new content, taking blog photos and scheduling social media content. There is so much work involved… Not that I am complaining, I absolutely love planning my content especially when it comes…


Bedside Table Essentials

When it comes to my bedside table I try to keep this at a minimal. I absolutely hate clutter and don’t keep anything I don’t need. I rather store them for when I do use them. With the move, my…


Bring On The New Year

It’s 2019, it seems like just yesterday we started 2018. The time seems to be flying by so quickly. I am rather excited to be starting the year fresh – Bring On the New Year so I can totally slay…


Why I Won’t Be Doing New Years Resolutions For 2019

I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I decided that I will not be doing any New Years Resolutions for 2019. Here are my reasons Why I Won’t Be Doing New Years Resolutions For 2019.…


Making The Perfect Pina Colada

Holidays and cocktails are just a match made in heaven. My husband and I decided to try out making our own cocktails over the holidays and to my surprise it was easier then I thought. I thought I would share…


Happy Holidays

It’s finally holiday season and I can also finally enjoy my one week off from work. So much has happened this year and thinking about it all makes me emotional. Happy Holidays to each and every one of you guys…


I Chopped My Hair

I Chopped My Hair! I’ve been wanting a new haircut for a few weeks now. I have been struggling with damaged hair due to having to straighten it every day.  It’s also Summer and I want to spend less time…


Favourite Holiday Movies

The holidays are upon us! I couldn’t be more excited. December is definitely one of my favourite months of the year. Although I won’t be experiencing much of a holiday as I am mostly working. I have taken one week…


Home Renovations

We moved into our own home on 1st November and ever since for 2 months straight we have been doing Home Renovations to make our place suit of style. I absolutely love the place we have, but it needed a…


Blogging Goals For 2019

It’s almost the end of 2018. It has honestly been such a crazy year. Crazy in a good way… As you guys know so much has been happening in my personal life. This also meant that blogging took a back…


Celebrate National Nail Polish Day With Essie

Celebrate National Nail Polish Day with Essie and their latest Summer collection. National Nail Polish day is now a thing and was first launched in the United States to encourage people to share their favourite nail polish moments. To help…


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