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Pantene Trial Week 3 + New Hair!

If you follow me on social media you would’ve noticed that my hair is kinda different okay who am I kidding it’s totally different I chopped a huge chunk of my hair!!! I have to admit I am kinda relieved…


Winter Inspiration With Mr Price

There’s no escape Winter is arriving and I couldn’t be happier! Getting to cuddle in bed, catching up to my favourite series and hot chocolate whist chilling in my pjs – could life get any better! Here’s my Winter Inspiration…


Essence I ♥ Nude Eyeshadow Collection

I have been obsessed with nudes lately whether it’s eyeshadows,lipsticks or nail polish – it it’s nude I am all over it. I was thrilled when Essence sent myself and other South African beauty bloggers some of their latest products…


Pantene Trial – Week 2

Last week I mentioned that I will be partaking in a month long trial, to share my experiences with the brand new Pantene damage blocker formula. You guys seemed to be very curious at the results will be by the…


{Video} April Favorites

Hey everyone, I hope you all doing well. Today I’m sharing another video mentioning some the stuff I have really been liking for April. Not really April for a few months now before I have not done a favorites in…


Pantene Trial – Week 1

 I was thrilled when Pantene contacted me to participate in a Month long trial to test out their brand new damage blocker formula with some other amazing beauty bloggers. Read more to find out about my Pantene Trial – Week…


Real Techniques Core Collection

A few months ago I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection from Ebay and 3 months of agony waiting for these makeup brushes they finally arrived! Yippee!! Getting these in South Africa wasn’t an option at the time I bought these…


My Top 5 Apps

​   Hello my lovelies, I hope you all are doing well I can’t believe it’s the end of April – is it just me or is the months just flying by! I can definitely feel it getting chilly in…


{Video} Mr Price HAUL!!!

Hey guys so I kinda took the plunge and did a video!I  Recently went to my favorite clothing store  Mr Price ( found here in South Africa) and bought a few items to help me get ready for Winter. If…


What I Love About My IPad Mini

Just a little disclaimer I am definitely in no way trying to brag about owning an ipad. I just thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on reasons why I love mine. In case any of you having…


Avon Extend Winged Mascara & Liquid Liner

​​ I was sent these stunning Avon goodies from Beauty Bulletin to review, it’s no secret that Avon is adored by so many women and I am definitely one of those women.. Today’s most is a review on Avon Extend…


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