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BaoCare a brand that’s inspired by the abundant riches that come from the baobab, eco products. They released a the BaoCare Radiance Oil which I have been testing for the last few days now.

BaoCare is a 100% pure and natural skin healing range that uses the rare baobab oil as its foundational hero ingredient. Baobab oil is a rich amber-gold oil cold-pressed from the small brown seeds found within the fruit pod of the baobab tree.




Radiance is a luxurious blend of oils that are specially formulated for the mature 40+ skin. Baobab oil is quickly absorbed, deeply moisturises and helps to regenerate new skin cells. While Jojoba increases elasticity and softens the skin. Pomegranate extract protects against damage from UV light, promotes collagen synthesis and skin repair. Your skin will drink in this rich, sumptuous blend of natural oils.  The delicate and feminine fragrance is a fusion of essential oils, combining the scent of herbaceous woody freshness, comforting warmth with a subtle touch of sweetness.

is formulated for 40+ skin, however, I used this even at 28. I do have dehydrated skin which is considered as mature skin. Sadly, the reality is my skin has been extremely dry lately. This is due to the Autumn season, which does leave my skin feeling dry and uncomfortable. I was really curious whether the Radiance oil will have a positive effect on my skin. I have been experimenting with many other facial oils.



BaoCare also released other oils for Acne and Eczema which I am really intrigued by, being an eczema sufferer myself.

What BaoCare has to say;

BaoCare Radiance is free from synthetic chemical ingredients, parabens and mineral oils. It’s a skincare solution that has been meticulously formulated with ingredients best known to be helpful in restoring and nurturing the natural radiance and beauty of your skin.

Did I notice any results?

After just a few days of using the BaoCare Radiance oil. I have already started to notice that my skin has been looking more plumber. The dry patches I usually get on the dehydrated areas on my skin. Which is usually my eyelids and forehead are not noticeable at all. My skin just feels smoother and hydrated, which is welcoming.

Where to find out more about the brand and pricing;

The BaoCare Radiance retails at R180 for 50ml and R46 for 10ml. For more information about the brand and their products visit their website or their social media pages;




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