Bath Time Essentials

No pamper evening is complete without a hot, long and luxurious bubble bath. I don’t have many pamper evenings (with us being in a drought and everything) I tend to do quick showers then bath – but every now and then mostly when it’s that time of the month and my cramps are just being an ass I love to take a hot bath to just relax and unwind.

I tend to not use too many products when I am in the bath usually just add some bubble bath, maybe a bath bomb depending on how bad those cramps get and a good face mask.

I thought I would so you guys what my bath time essentials are – as mentioned I don’t use many products but these are the ones I am currently using if any of you were curious.

Soil Coconut Bath Oil – I’ve had the Soil Coconut Bath Oil for quite some time , but have been enjoying it in my bath when I do take one. My skin gets really dry especially during the colder months so I find that bath oil keeps my skin nourished for longer even when I am out of the bath. It’s enriched with antioxidant – rich with coconut oil as well as essential oils of grapefruit and lemongrass to uplift and revive the senses.

Nair Argen Oil Shower Power Cream – I know this is mostly used in the shower, but sometimes near end of my bath I do like to use the power cream as it leaves my legs silky smooth and it’s so easy to use.

Freeman Cucumber Peel Off Mask – I’ve talked about this peel off mask before the Freeman Cucumber peel off mask I am currently using just before I get into my bath I put on the mask and peel it off once I am done. These Feeman masks are great they leave skin feeling super soft and refreshed.

Radox Feel Balance Bath FoamRadox is one of my favourite bath and shower products to purchase they just smell amazing and feels super relaxing. I am currently using the Radox Feel Balance with rice milk and hyssop foam bath. It pampers the skin and in indulgent foam made with rice milk leaves skin soft. It also restores the body and senses making it a must for a relaxing bath time.

What are you bath time essentials? There are a few more products I like to rotate between at the moment these are used for current bath time.


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