Battle Of The Drugstore Primers

Battle Of The Drugstore Primers _01

Drugstore primers are my go to, you guys know how much I love my drugstore brands and two of those brands are definitely Essence Cosmetics and Catrice Cosmetics – I have reviewed so many of their products on Beauty Candy Loves that I am pretty sure you guys are starting to get sick of it, what can I say I can’t help it. Today’s post is Battle Of The Drugstore Primers, these are two very questionably similar primers which I will be comparing.

The Catrice Prime And Fine Beautifying Primer have been my favourite since the day Catrice launched it – you can read my full review of this primer here. For a luminous effect, this is the ideal primer. I have countless times walked out the door just with this primer – on the days I was running late and had no time to do my makeup and yes that has been happening at least once or twice a week lately.

Essence Cosmetics also launched a primer that looks rather similar than the primer their sister company released – I have also recently done a full review of it. This is my most recent primer purchase the Essence Fresh And Fit Primer which contains cranberry water. The first thing I noticed was the packaging is similar, both perfect for a luminous effect and both have a pink product colour.

Battle Of The Drugstore Primers _02

  • They are pink coloured primers.
  • Both are luminous primers.
  • They target the same consumers.
  • The formula feels different the Essence Fresh And Fit Primer feels silky and in my opinion just better.
  • Essence primer feels more hydrating.
  • Essence primer is cheaper.

In my opinion, the Essence Fresh And Fit primer is an overall better primer between the two. I just prefer the silky finish and how it made my skin look after use. My foundation looked better and I had a luminous glow that was noticeable through my foundation.

Let me know what your thoughts are about these primers if you have used them before, also let me know which one you prefer the Catrice Prime And Fine Primer or the Essence Fresh And Fit Primer?