Beaucience Botanicals Anti Aging Eye Resque Gel

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My eyes are usually the one part of my face that irritates me the most, I suffer from puffy, sensitive eyes so taking care of them is a number one concern for me. I was really intrigued when Beaucience contacted me a few weeks ago and one of the items they sent me was their Beaucience Botanicals Anti Aging Eye Resque Gel.

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Beaucience Botanicals has been formulated to offer a cost effective essential skin care regime providing the fundamental key elements needed in a successful anti-ageing range. Their Anti Aging Eye Resque Gel is non-sticky, quickly absorbed gel is enhanced with Myoxinal – extracted from Hibiscus Seeds to smooth and help prevent line formations, Hibiscin HP – a botanical milk offering a tensor, firming effect, Proteasyl – Tea extract offering extensive Anti-Ageing properties, Organic Green Tea with antioxidant properties and Eco-Cerified Hibiscus.

The Beaucience Botanicals Anti Aging Eye Resque Gel protects and nurtures the fragile skin around the eye area and leaves it toned, conditioned and smooth.

The eye resque feels soothing and doesn’t feel sticky it all. It’s a quick drying formula. It does have an odd scent to it which I can’t really pinpoint it’s not too off-putting at all, just something to note. I have been using it under my eyes for the last few weeks, day and night- pating the product gently under my eye area.

I have noticed a difference over the last few weeks, my dark circles have lightened a bit they aren’t as prominent as they using are. My eyes also aren’t as puffy as they usually are. The clear gel soothing formula has worked great so far, I hope they improve my under eye area even more with time.

So far I am impressed and would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to combat puffy eyes, these retail for R129.99 for a 15ml worth of product on the Beaucience website over here.


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