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This is the first empties post on Beauty Candy Loves EVER!! I never seem to finish products besides deodorants and body stuff things that I didn’t think you guys would be interested in. So dumb that I never started a Beauty Empties series before. I have been doing a clear out and just getting rid of things I’m not using and things I have used but never bothered to finish. You know how it is you buy new products and totally forget about the ones you have been using.

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It’s not a lot of products but I wanted to mention these products which I, of course, have been loving if I managed to finish using them.

LA Girl HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation | I have been using this foundation every single day. Well on most days there are two days in the week that I just don’t wear any makeup and look like a sick ghost. A girl’s skin has got to have time to breath. Friday morning applying my foundation from LA Girl like a usually do.

To my amazement, I squeezed and all I got was air! I finished it without my even realising it. Because the bottle always looks full, the foundation just surrounds the bottle so there’s no way of actually seeing how much foundation you used. This is one of the best budget-friendly foundations you will come across. For normal to dry skin ladies, this foundation is perfect. I blogged about this not to long ago you can read my review here.

Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream | This Nivea Day Cream is just the best! This one is formulated for ladies with dry and sensitive skin. It contains Almond oil and Hydra IQ. This has been my go-to day cream for months finally I managed to finish it. This is definitely something I will be repurchasing.

Beaucience Eye Resque Gel | Another product that has been featured on the blog before. I have been using this eye resque gel from Beaucience has just been so good for my dry under eyes. The gel is quite thick consistency and a tad bit sticky, but it does a really good job for soothing the under eye area.

Guess Girl Belle Eau De Toilette | I have been using this fragrance for probably two years now, which is such a long time. I usually use two different scents at a time, one is, of course, my weekend fragrance and the other my weekday fragrance. Am I the only one that does this? I just finished the Belle Eau De Toilette. This is more of a youthful fragrance it contains notes of berries and pink champagne whatever that means… It more of a fruity fragrance if you love fruity scents.

Britney Spears Private Show | It’s Britney Bitch! I honestly can’t think of Britney Spears without that! This has been my go-to weekend I feel fierce fragrance. I did a review not too long ago about it and It has been loved. Not only do I admire the beautiful packaging because who doesn’t love pink and gold. The fragrance is also a fruity scent that is perfect for Spring and Summer. It has notes of Jasmine Sambac, coffee and orange blossom to mention a few.

What beauty empties do you currently have? Let me know in the comment section below.

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