Bedside Table Essentials

Bedside Table Essentials -1

When it comes to my bedside table I try to keep this at a minimal. I absolutely hate clutter and don’t keep anything I don’t need. I rather store them for when I do use them. With the move, my number one mission is to keep things as tidy and clutter free as possible. I only keep the bare minimal on my bedside table as well in case I knock things over. Here are my Bedside Table Essentials I use as I get into bed and wined down for the night.

As mentioned I absolutely hate having clutter in our home. I fit doesn’t serve a purpose its gone.

I’ve experienced first hand with my mom, she always had clutter which drove me mad.

I keep only a few items on my bedside table. Which is usually lip balm, charger, water bottle, and hand cream is at most the items I keep next to me.

Lip Balms

At the moment I am alternately between two lips balm. My holy grail Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, which can never be replaced. This stuff is amazing and I will forever repurchase it. a new product a have been testing is the Vaseline Lip Therapy. I have really dry lips and like to keep my lip moisturized. I always apply a lip balm after I have brushed my teeth and get into bed.

Bedside Table Essentials -2

Hand Cream

I also have really dry skin, so a hand cream is a must! At the moment I at using a hand cream from Woolworths which I got at a crazy sale they had a few months back. It does the job and smells really lovely.

Hand Sanitizer

I always keep a hand sanitizer as well, after playing with the dogs in bed I get too lazy to go to tap. So sanitizer is perfect to refresh my hands. Currently, I am using the Dettol hand sanitizer.

This is basically all the products I keep on my bed side table. What are you bedside table essentials? Let me know in the comments below.


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