Best Feminine WordPress Templates

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I am always on the hunt to find the Best Feminine WordPress Templates. There are so many amazing designed templates out there. Templates can also be extremely pricy and I would definitely consider it as an investment.

It’s important to remember that you are basically creating a brand, so you need a template that exudes your personality. I prefer feminine and minimalistic templates because that is my style. It’s kind of tough if you don’t know where to look. If you are on a hunt for a new template then I share three affordable places on where you can purchase yours from.

Underline Designs

I came across Underline Designs of Etsy, like all of these templates honestly. Etsy is a great way to find templates and sometimes if you lucky you the seller might be having a sale. I would definitely say wait for a good deal. With all the Pipdig drama that’s been going on, I wanted to move away from my beloved Pipdig template and find something new. Underline Designs has so many stunning options and the pricing is not bad. I personally use one of their templates on my blog and I love the features it comes with it. 

Blog Pixie

If you love pink, rose gold and pretty things that Blog Pixie templates are for you! She has Blogger and WordPress templates available for purchase. Also, not badly priced either. I cam across Blog Pixie on Pinterest and she has a shop on Etsy. 

Munich Paris Studio

Another Etsy seller, Munich Paris Studio has some lovely modern designs. My personal favourite is Jouy its a gorgeous template that’s definitely up my alley. They have quite a few on their Etsy shop, so definitely have a look at what you like.

If you have any more websites on where you find great looking templates than definitely list them in the comments section below. With so much on offer honestly, it’s easy to find one you like and within your budget.

Remember a template is basically your brand – so go out customize it and make it your own.



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