Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is around the corner, in a few days to be exact and I feel old AF! I’m turning twenty-eight on the first of April and I can’t believe another birthday is biting me in the arse. I only have two years left in my twenties and I’ve definitely noticed that my priorities have changed so much. It’s been tradition to share a Birthday Wishlist, I thought I would share mine because who can argue with tradition.

As mentioned my priorities have changed a lot. The last year so much has happened in my personal life and all I can wish for a good health with myself and my family. I also hope to build a stronger relationship with my family as the past few years we have really been out of touch for numerous reasons.

For more material items for my birthday wishlist here are some items I would be content with receiving if the Birthday Gods are good to me!

MacBook Air | This is definitely something I know I won’t be getting, but a girl can dream can’t she? I do have a MacBook Air which I bought second hand. It still works so well and I have not had any issues with it. I would just like to upgrade to a newer version.

Pixi Beauty | I have read so many reviews about Pixi Beauty! Sadly none of their products can be bought in South Africa. The only thing about these amazing brands that pisses me off it that they are mainly available in Europe and America. South African beauty enthusiasts would also love to try your products!

Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow Palettes | I have not purchased from Colourpop in over two years. I have been wanting to try their pressed eyeshadow palettes since the released. I have just been saving money for the wedding so haven’t been able to spoil myself with more Colourpop.

Light Up Mirror | I have been slowly but surely buying items to hopefully put in my beauty area once Justin and I move. One of these items is a Light Up Mirror I’ve seen at Vanity Lane which makes these mirrors!

Ring Light | I would love a ring light to up my photography of the blog. Especially during Winter, the lighting can suck so a ring light would definitely help with the dilemma!

What items are on your Birthday Wishlist this year? Let me know in the comment section below.


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