New Blog Design

I have been thinking about updating my blog’s design for a few months now, it can be a really expensive update to make not to mention stressful (at least for me it was). I have been getting tired of my previous blog design, I have had it for more than a year I believe and I just wanted something with more functionality and overall a better design. My tastes change, I knew I wanted a new blog design that’s minimal and easy to navigate – one thing is for sure I wanted another Pipdig WordPress Template!

As you guys have noticed, my blog had a little refresh – I have been growing tired of the same blog design and thought I would switch things up a little. I have used Pipdig before ( which is the previous template I had) I really loved it but needed something that had more features. I was really impressed with Pipdig the first time round so I knew I definitely wanted another WordPress template from them again.

Pipdig templates are modern and they cater for people with different tastes, their templates are quite expensive especially when you are converting the US dollars to rands! I was reluctant to actually spend the $59 on a blog template, but it would’ve honestly been that or spending it on another Colourpop order. Spending that much money on a template is definitely an investment one that I was happy to make, rather than spending it on more makeup, which I clearly don’t need.

If you are looking for a good template, I would highly recommend that you guys do save up and buy a good one that has many features. It has to be a blog design that you will be happy with and something that fits in with your blog and also your personality. Pipdig also caters to bloggers using the Blogger platform. It’s definitely worth the money spent… Phil is really great and his super helpful, Pipdig also offers to help you migrate from Blogger to WordPress, so that you don’t have that headache as well.

I am really happy with my template choice, what do you guys think about Beauty Candy Loves’s new blog design? I would love to also know if any of you guys have used Pipdig before, if not what other great places are there where you can get a really good template?


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