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I have been blogging for just over four years now! When I think back I honestly can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. Being a South African Beauty Blogger is really tough. It’s taken me a ton of hard work and sometimes I feel like my blog isn’t being noticed as I would like it to be. I love my blog and it’s basically the only hobby I have that keeps me sane most of the time! With blogging, I have been able to chat to some beautiful ladies all of the world and today I will be sharing Bloggers To Follow!

This will be a list of bloggers I am obsessed with and a mixture of local and international babes!

Laura Jane Atelier | Laura and I have been blogging each other for years and she always leaves the sweetest comments! Her blog is like a vintage fairytale! I love her vintage style and her passion for everything vintage is something to admire.

Reflection Of Sanity | Oh Shireen, you fiery Canadian! If you are looking for a blogger who talks her mind then Shireen is your girl! She tells it like it is! She always gives you an honest opinion about products, her posts are always such a fun read! Shireen has such a big personality and it comes through in her writing! She’s also such a genuine person I admire.

Make Erin Over | Erin, the beautiful Scottish gal! Erin is just such a beautiful person inside and out! Her photography is stunning! She’s obsessed with yellow and I really admire her love for her son, it’s so cute! I love reading her thoughts on products, she’s just such a fun person.

That’s So Totally Fetch SA | Ah Dee Dee, she’s fiery and speaks her mind! A fellow South African Blogger Dee Dee is just a funny gal! I love watching her insta stories and she takes the most bomb selfies – This lady is HOT and I am so jealous! Haha

The Makeup Directory | Sally is one of the sweetest people I have come across in the beauty blogging world. I envy her photo’s! They are bold, colourful and probably belongs in magazines. She gives such great reviews on new product launches!

Chocolate And Lipstick | My sister from another mister! My soulmate sister from the UK! Angie is such a genuine person, she is the type of woman I want to be when I grow up! She does it all and honestly, I don’t know how she does it. I love reading her views and opinions on products! She always tells it like it is, no beating around the bush.

Pam Scalfi | Pam is such a hotty! This lovely lady from London has such style and class! I totally envy her style I wish I could look as flawless as she does! It’s probably that Brazilian flair! Pam is always on trend and I love getting some style inspiration from her Instagram feed! She’s just so darn sweet too.

Luna Lacey | Another fiery South Africa, is it perhaps something in that Gauteng water? Nat’s is such a genuine person, her videos are always so much fun to watch. I just love her personality she’s funny and smart! Her Instagram feed looks amazing too! A definite must follow for sure!

A Very Sweet Blog | Kim is such a lovely person! She always features so many new makeups, I always read her reviews on brand new products I never even heard of! She always gives these in-depth reviews!

Belle Blush | Nisa, fellow South African Beauty Blogger is always my go-to blog to visit for new launches in SA. She always has in-depth reviews about these new products in South Africa. I love reading her thoughts and she’s so sweet and down to earth. Her photos are always so pretty too.

Prettiful Blog | Another local babe, Azraa is definitely a self-proclaimed shopaholic! She features so many new products and I honestly just love her flat lays!! I have been following her for years and it’s just been amazing to see her growth. She is so kind and I love visiting her blog to find new products to try that I can find in SA and her views on products she’s used.

So there you have it guys, this is a very short list! There are so many other bloggers I love. I will definitely share these on a regular basis, there are just so many other amazing bloggers I would love to share with you guys!


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